Monday, January 12, 2009

Weird Good/Bad Day...

Today has been kind of weird.
The good news...
I heard back from a few online companies that want to put my tees on there sites. Most want to use the drop shipping method which is totally fine with me... since all I want to do is get my product out there in all forms. 
Look for Puddlefoot on these sights soon:

The bad news... the CPSIA's new lead law.
I have been trying to inform myself for the past week on the subject and have found the whole thing to be very frustrating.  I am hoping that the CPSIA will amend the new law so that small companies like me won't have to do expensive lab testing, but will be able to get certification from the ink and dye suppliers. For now, though, I am going to probably go ahead and get my tees electronically tested for lead and PVCs through the Eastern Applied Research Company with their XRF machine.  I think that the law says that companies have to do "reasonable" testing... and this seems reasonable enough for me.  It costs $5 per ink color and per dye color. Not expensive, but extremely annoying. Thanks Bob Moll for making me feel a little better about the whole process.
Other bad news... I hate dealing with the dye house I used... they are uneducated, unorganized, and rude.  Tom Stanton is a jackass and LA Dye and Wash is incompetent!  I will NEVER use them again.

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