Monday, March 9, 2009

Trying to get Puddlefoot out THERE!

It's been pretty quiet over here at Puddlefoot, but I have been working my tush off trying to market my tees!  I have contacted a couple more BIG baby blogs and a few of them have already responded with positive feedback and interest in reviewing my shirts.  The research has been time consuming, but very rewarding.  I will just keep pushing on through this and try to keep in mind that I have only been in business for 2 months!
On another note... I have sent my tees to Tori Spelling and Rebecca Romijn and hope to see their little ones wearing them around LA very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for me!  They may show up on the new season of "Tori and Dean Inn Love" on the Oxygen channel. 
How fun would that be?


  1. the mom who came up with baby legs got started by getting them put in SAG party bags. smart move...getting in with the celebrities.

  2. Hi Suzi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was just looking into this whole thing, I would love to hear your experience. Sounds like you are really doing a great job marketing yourself, only in business 4 months!? WOW!
    I would love to share stories and advice anytime.
    Best wishes!